A Quiet Time At The Church

Combination playground equipment (plastic)

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I was working on our website and I looked up from the computer and realized how quiet it was. The kids are on spring break. The church is quiet and dark; the lights are off in the sanctuary. On a typical school day you can hear the repetition of the alphabet from the preschool room. On occasion one of the elementary students enters the sanctuary and looks into the office and greets me with “Hi Pastor”. I will return the greeting “Hi”, and follow it with the name of the student. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy the sounds of the children at our church school.

During their daily breaks I will also take a break. I will go to the play ground greet the students along with the monitor. I enjoy hearing the children playing in the playground. Children are the future. They are the ones that will take over our world once we reach our golden years.  It is good to know that they are learning here on the church grounds. It brings to mind the life and energy the children bring into our hearts as we look to the future.

They have the rest of this week before spring break is over. The aroma of popcorn for break time and the sounds of children playing will once again fill the facility.  I thank God for Grace Christian Academy and its student body.

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