The Anti-growth Sentiment In our Community

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Historically the underlying sentiment in our community is anti-growth. A person who would like to see better things in the community heard this himself and mentioned it to me. 

There are some transplants that come in and try to introduce a vision into the mix of commerce and community growth.  This however is met with the classical:
• We have always done it this way
• We have tried that and it didn’t work
• That will never fly here
• Why do we want to change it
• If it is not broke don’t change it

The mindset, at least of the business and  civic community, is that it wants to preserve the status quo and not try new things. There was a study that the city brought into town by the University of Arizona, several years ago, but because it was brought by the city government the business community did not want any part of this. I think this is a symptom to a deeper problem.

To have people even look a the possibility of change for the better will require:
• A culture change – the way things are viewed and done
• To be embraced by the people 
• A clear vision with clear objectives
• Sustained communication with various forms of media
• Risk taking
• Decisions that move the people one step forward
• Time to turn this around

There will be three kinds of people to work with: 
• Those that get on board and want to help
• The I will wait and see; those who are on the fence
• Those that are opposed to the idea of growth

It is time to get moving. We no longer have the luxury of time. Time is passing and will never be recovered again. I am looking for those that want to get on board and would like to be part of the solution in the community, church or wherever.

I have always said “keep moving; it’s hard to hit a moving target”.

What affects the community will affect the church.

And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace. (Jeremiah 29:7)

3 Responses to “The Anti-growth Sentiment In our Community”

  1. sreth Says:

    How about a new vision? Instead of a big “solar city”, individual solar rooftop panels and water heaters for everyone in Benson. Still jobs. Not so much water for data center.
    How about needing less energy by turning off media and creating our own Broadway theater events in our very own park.
    How about a community walk around town some balmy evening, with stops at businesses for treats.
    Let’s make this a destination.

  2. Judi Says:

    There is a saying, “Move with the movers.”
    But then there are those who are stuck and this is their form of control. We may not all agree on what to do but the first step is communication. Before we look at the details, we need to look at the goals. What do we need to do to foster a growing, healthy, thriving community? How can the community perpetuate a place where its people can make a descent living and raise their families? A small community is/can be a great place to do this, or not. Everyone needs to share their concerns. And we need to share our dreams. We need to operate from a point of hope.

  3. Lupe Says:

    Necessity is the matrix of creativity, Sarah. You have some great ideas. You are right Judi, the movers are going to have to communicate and demonstrate that new ideas and growth can be very beneficial to our community. I am glad to report that there are some of the movers in our community that want things to improver for the overal benefit of our community. The Southeast Arizona Economic Development Group is hosting a forum that examines the pulse of our community at different levels. I look forward to see what happens with that group.