Daniel said, “Keep the meat, pass the vegetables”.

Daniel was in a foreign country, a foreign culture. He did not let that influence his own values. (Read Daniel chapter 1)

Today people expect people to give up what they believe in order to be accepted by them and they by others. That is not some thing you will see from a true Christian. He will not easily give up what he believes in. We live in a foreign culture if you believe in Jesus Christ and stand on traditional Judea-Christian values.

Daniel was put in a position to eat food that was not Kosher. The king offered him meat and drink. Daniel appealed to the steward first and asked that he be put on a vegetable diet. The kings meat could have been pork or any other unclean meat. Daniel and his companions did not want to defile themselves by breaking the dietary law of God. In their day that was a religious requirement of the Jew to be ceremonially clean.

The lesson we learn from Daniel is how to stand on your beliefs and values. These are a few of the things that helped them stand.

#1. They knew who they were as Jews and what they valued. Do you know who you are as a Christian?

#2. Daniel appealed to the steward first. He was not self righteous demanding special treatment he appealed to the steward. Do you know how to appeal to those around you?

#3. If that doesn’t work are you ready to be challenged and even face the possibility of death? Daniel was and did face the lions.

The vegetarian diet turned out to their benefit. They were stronger, wiser than their counterparts who were in training with them. After the training they were selected to serve the king personally. God is the one that promotes people to the positions given to them. Christians acknowledge this.

It is interesting to see that we are called to deny ourselves first and then God is the one that will honor those that do for his sake. This was true with Daniel and his three friends.

Are you being asked to compromise on one of your beliefs or values?

What are you going to do when the pressure is on?

Do you know how to appeal first before you confront or make a stand?

Do you just give up and say nothing?

What we do as people of God matters.

Lupe Diaz – Pastor charis@theriver.com

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