Don’t Give Up On Yourself

Just because your disappointed in yourself does not mean that God is going to cast you away. You might feel that what you did was so bad that there is no recovering. You might feel like you will never get the victory over this and you have been battling it for so long.

You may have made a promise to yourself that you would never be in this place again; here you are in the same predicament. On top of that you lied to people about what happened because you knew it would just make it worst. You alienated friends and family, but you really want to do better.

God is the friend that will stay with you through thick and thin. He will not abandon you. Cry out to him and he will give you the strength to get through this day. Remember that everyday is  a new beginning, a fresh start. His mercies are new every morning.

Do you feel like you are being consumed with remorse? Is what you did looming in front of you and it won’t let you go?

Lean on God’s mercy and His faithfulness everyday.

Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, Because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:21-24


By Pastor Lupe Diaz

2 Responses to “Don’t Give Up On Yourself”

  1. Judith Coran Says:

    “Lean on God’s mercy and His faithfulness everyday.”
    This is a good reminder. Sometimes I am stuck in how the world revolves around me if it’s me being to busy doing my own thing to acknowledge God, or me focusing on what a mess I’ve made and forgetting that God is here to help in every situation. I must remember that God is faithful; he is always with me. When I step out of my own introspection and acknowledge that God is here, when I humble myself and ask for him to rescue me, when I take that baby step of faith toward Him, then I will praise Him and Thank Him for the mercy he shows me, for dealing kindly with me. There is a new day dawning and God is with me always. I am not alone and I don’t have to fear what may come. God is right here and He will get me through anything.

  2. Lupe Says:

    Good point, Judy.