Find a Hell Hole and Invade It

The opportunity for the church and those called to minister is abundant. In the small communities such as ours it easy to see the effects and damage that sin causes. They don’t call it sin, they call it a disease or some politically correct term. The church can not trip over the labels and what the world does. Churches might use this as an excuse. However, we must be focused on what Jesus called us to do. “Go and teach the nations all things I have taught you”. (Mt. 28:19-20)

I have found that leading our ministry team into places where the gospel is needed is the job of the church leaders. They must have an eye for the opportunities and ability to build a ministry team. Here is an example of some the activities we are involved with our local community. These activities is what gets the message of forgiveness of sin and salvation outside of the church and where it is needed. We minister to the kids who are in trouble and who are under the  our county juvenile court system. We are teaching them life skills classes. When I was first invited to teach this class I told the director, “I am a Christian pastor and you are asking me to help with these kids. The only way I can help them is if I can use the Bible and use the name of Jesus freely. She said, “we don’t care, we need the help”. So, I started teaching life skills class. 

An other thing to consider is, how we teach the gospel. I want the people we are working with to learn about the purpose and design  God has for life in general. This means I must communicate this so they understand it with out losing the power and meaning of it. Most people who find themselves in trouble don’t realize that God has created us with purpose. In my life skills class we start off with self image; how you think about your self. You see, sin has really made us feel the pain of guilt and shame. So the image that people have about themselves is based in sin rather than what God really intended. I build on that premise and it makes sense to these kids. Just like forgiveness for our sins made sense to us. I mention this so you can see that the opportunities are there but we also have to be wise as serpents in how we utilize the message of God to teach the Truth of God. 

Another opportunity that opened up to us was the Gospel Rescue mission. This is a place we take our ministry team; which consists of the worship team, a prayer team and a support team (they talk to the people and serve in various ways). God has called us to find the hell holes in our area of influence and bring the light and truth of God to these places. Both these, life skills class and the rescue mission, are really challenging ministries. They are very specific and you can see the hell hole clearly.

The challenge for the church is to find the hell holes that are not so easily identifiable. We came across this hell hole by accident. We were invited to provide a service to the old folks at an independent living complex. What we found is the hell hole of loneliness. People live together in places like this and then find themselves sitting alone at night thinking about the end of life and regrets. These regrets come when family stops visiting them. This is where the promise of God’s presence and assurance needs to be heard. We must let the light of God shine in a hell hole of loneliness. However as you can see this one was not as easily identified. Our service there was only 45 minutes long and the rest of the time was spent encouraging the faith of those attending. The message they need i they are not alone. The Church is there to love them and help them.

One of the things that that people who minister in places like this have to realize is that you will not find any immediate reward; this is a seed planting venture. You may not see the fruit of you labor for sometime. The important thing is that we are dispelling the deceptions of Satan with the Word of God. When we do this then we are taking the light of God into our communities. My challenge to you is to find the hell holes in your communities, build a ministry team and go and invade it.

“Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

One Response to “Find a Hell Hole and Invade It”

  1. Judi Says:

    I just watched the movie, “Battle Las Angeles,” where aliens invade the earth and Los Angeles is the last stand. The Marine unit that the movie follows had a Staff Sargent that told a little boy “Marines never quit.” This group had a motto of “Retreat, Hell.” This meant they wouldn’t retreat.
    Don’t we need to think of ourselves as “Christian Soldiers” in God’s Army? Is our team the last stand here in Satan’s “Hell Hole?” Are we willing to tell young Christians, “We will never quit?” Are we going to retreat or stay in the fray? And when we get someone to safety are we ready to turn right back around and press on? A fray is a prolonged battle, usually messy with unclear results at the time. There will be casualties but we can press on, knowing God’s ultimate victory. There should always be an urgency about our mission.