Moving the Traditional Church Forward

By Lupe Diaz – Pastor, Grace Chapel Benson



Rural communities usually have a very traditional expectation of the church. When the leaders want to move the church forward it may cross the expectations of the traditional older members. What is amazing is that many of the rural churches live within traveling distance to a urban church. Families are willing to travel to the city and at the same time not want to support a move forward in the rural church, the power of expectations.

Moving away from the traditional Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday night to an intimate Bible study is out of the question for many traditionalist. Then the blame is placed on the new move rather than on non working traditional services.

The church must move forward in methodology but not change the truth of God. Small groups are not traditional. Wednesday services are not as intimate and people can hide in this setting as they all face the speaker rather than face one another. Home Bible studies are transformational, only because it is a face to face ministry.

Relationships are key to discipleship. This is the reason for the GC neighborhood groups; to connect with and help others in the group. This is a step away from traditional church services.

The home Bible study is the place where many of my colleagues were brought up in the Lord. Many of them are now serving in full time church work. Jesus called us to teach people in the same way He did. (Matthew 28:19-20) His small group was made up of twelve ordinary men who later changed the world as they were change by Christ.

Let us get the rural church moving in the way that Jesus taught His apostles; in a small group setting. We would like to hear about your transforming experience in a small group, Please reply to this article: this will help some make the transition from traditional to transformational.

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One Response to “Moving the Traditional Church Forward”

  1. Ms. SpoolTeacher Says:

    our wed. nite meetings lift us all up. we laugh and share and learn. because we are small, 12 disciples now, we get to know each other and find each others strengths and needs. it is like a family.