Neighborhood Groups to Launch

Bible Study group
Image by James Kirsop via Flickr

We are looking at launching our neighborhood groups on April 20th, replacing our Wednesday night dinner and study. I met with the group leaders and the home hosts for an orientation meeting Sunday 27th, after the service. I believe that these leaders have the best interest of your spiritual growth in mind. I am looking for the 20th the day we lauch the groups.

At the moment we are praying about those who will attend the groups with specific leaders. I and each of the leaders will be inviting the members to join them in their group. Here is a line up for the group leaders and home hosts, Jimmie and Judi will lead a group and Sarah will host, Daryl and Tina will lead and Tom and Vickie will co-lead and host, the third group is Samantha will lead and host the group for the youth 12-18 years old.  

The groups will work on four S’s – Share support Study and Sing.

Share life’s experience 

Support each other through the transitions of life

Study Scripture for guidance 

Sing of God’ s goodness  

I thought we had four groups ready to go but that proved to not to be the case and that is just fine. Taking the responsibility of leading and hosting is a commitment that some are not in a position to take at this time. So we launch with three groups to build community pods that will encourage spiritual growth in each other.

I am looking forward to the next announcement I make about launching our next four groups. I believe it will happen within the year.

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