The Aroma Of Worship

Last night was special for me, not so much for my family members but for me it was.

Not everyone in the family liked the scent of myrrh incense burning in the house. If you have been to a Catholic funeral you know the scent well.

β€œIt smells like a Catholic church in here, what is burning?”

Was the question from my son who stepped into the house just after my experiment.

What happened is that I found a plain wooden box that was decorated with jewels and a golden clasp. In a storage area of our house. This box was given to my wife and me, several Christmases ago by Daryl and Tina. It was full of frankincense and myrrh. We were just out in the back yard with the chiminea lit and there were some hot coals. When I read the instructions I decided to lit some of the incense. Myrrh is a bitter smell, the frankincense is sweet in comparison to the myrrh. I found a piece of gold that I could place with these other elements and I was fully transported to the day that the three magi found the Child Jesus and presented these very gifts to Him in an act of worship .

As they kneeled in the presence of the Child they presented gold, frankincense and myrrh as an act of worship. These three items would summarize the life of Christ,

  • Gold is a gift that honors a king
  • Frankincense is an incense that is offered to a deity and
  • Myrrh is burned at the death and or at a funeral of the deceased.

After looking and examining these items it just brought home the character and the nature of Jesus. To think of him in these terms. Is amazing. What I found out is that frankincense is worth twice as much as gold and myrrh is worth seven times its weight in gold.

Jesus is King of all creation, is the Almighty and His purpose was to come and save the people from there sins, through his vicarious death.

Our worship of Him is where our purpose inn life begins. As we enter 2014 we need to do so with Jesus being the center of our worship and that being how we serve others in our communities.

We wish you a blessed and prosperous New Year. I wish to see the Kingdom of God make a difference in all of our lives; as we bring the blessing of God into every area of our lives. As we worship and serve the king, let us think about these three questions:

  1. What do you want to see different in your life this year?
  2. How can the principles of God make a difference?
  3. Who will you involve to see this change come about this year? The three kings did not do it alone.

Pastor Lupe

January 2, 2014

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