Two Questions and The Alternative Porch Covering


Image by CyrilChen via Flickr

I had a person come to me and tell me “Get a wish list together for me, put everything you want on it and we will see what we can do”. Now there is a question to think about.

As a result we have some new ideas for projects. I shared some of the thoughts I had about the projects with Ron and he came up with an idea that might work. We are looking at an alternative to our porch project.  This will provide shade and help the people enjoy some time with each other after the service this summer.  This will also keep the sun off of the entrance and the doors, preserving our front doors.  

When the question was brought to me by an anonymous source, he added, “make me a wish list of the things you would like to see happen at the church. Don’t leave anything off of your list. I did this while we were gone on our vacation. The time away really refreshed us and allowed us to look at this one question. I did make my list and talked it over with this person and I have started sharing this with some of the people this week. I will share this complete list once I prioritize it.

I shared my thoughts with a Ron Brooks this week who presented the alternative to our  project. He said that will help us put together an alternate porch to the front of the church. What we will do is build this covering with a top railing frame and then cover it with a canvas type material. What we need is some galvanized top railing  for chain linked fence and some shading materials. The material we thought we could use is recycled bill board fabric. I plan to call Martin, who knows where we can get this material. This material has advertisements of the old bill boards but we can paint over the fabric and the top railing to make it look nice.

I need your help by providing top railing. If you have any top railing lying in your back yard or storage or you might know of someone getting rid of that kind of fencing material please let us know. I will be asking one of the businesses that provides the bill board type of covering after I talk to Martin.  The other thing we want to do is to install a misting system on the porch. If you are interested in helping us go to the contact us tab and let me know.

Now for part two – a second question; If you could live in our community, where would you live and what is it you would do for our community? Check in again to see the upcoming new post, this also is affecting what I will be doing this coming year.   

This is a result of going into our staycation with these two questions in mind.

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