Legacy in the Book of Ruth

Ruth had faced a rough several years. She lost her husband and her two sons. She did have her daughter in-laws. However, she was still in a foreign land when all that happened. She had a heart for her daughter in-laws and said to them go back home I have nothing to offer you. But, God had other plans.

If you have lost loved ones you know what the pain is like. However if you are fortunate enough to have grandchildren you will understand the end of this book. Our personal experience is when you lose a child and another is born in the family; that is the feeling of legacy.

Most people don’t think in terms of legacy. I know this because I didn’t think that way either; that was not until grandchildren were well into the family picture, that I now understand. Legacy is what is left over after you are gone.

What will we leave to our grandchildren?

We leave behind our faith, the values we hold to concerning many things such as our country, work, business and life in general. These are all imparted our children and grands by our example and verbal instruction. Ruth is found on the porch in a rocking chair telling stories to her grandchild; the grandfather of King David. She did not realize she was a being a king-maker.

The book of Ruth is such a good book to read. Especially around Mother’s Day.

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