Sunday School

Sunday School

Image by PittCaleb via Flickr

Adult Sunday School 9:00 a.m.

Sunday school is available for those who want to study and discuss the Bible with fellow students. This is a great place to dig deeper into the word. Many times we are discussing the culture in which the scripture was written for a better understanding of what the church or Israel was facing. We have refreshments available during this time.

It is during this hour that we have a new members class. You will come to understand what the church believes, what God has called us to do and how we are to do this. Those completing this six week course are asked to support the ministry of the church.

Children and youth meet in the sanctuary to address the issues facing them and the children hear and do crafts surrounding the Bible stories.

We meet for about an hour and then get ready for service. Attending service is not necessary for Sunday School attendance.