Projects to Complete


Image by Matthew Burpee via Flickr

We are raising funds for several projects in the church. If you would like to help us you can make your donation through PayPal in our donation tab.

Porch and door project – Our front doors are scheduled to be replaced. They are needing to be replaced badly.

Installing a water dispenser – Our water fountain in the sanctuary is not working and we would like to replace it with a water dispenser.

New project – Green House project

Fencing project – fencing the ten acres with both wire and a wood ranch split rail fencing around the property.

barn storage area project – we have a some ideas and some materials available to us for Building the building.  We just need to put it up.

Educational wing – we want to build an educational wing for the school

Patio project – this would be for our outdoor services, weddings, church concerts and special events

Ramada and grilling area – to offer lunch for our visitors

architect – to help us develop the ten acres

We are developing our wish list as we move from these projects to the things we want (wish list).

Signs to advertize the church on Sunday